Introducing groundbreaking technology from Japan!

Welcome to Recycling Oceania, your gateway to pioneering waste minimization and decomposition solutions. As the Australasian agent for this innovative technology, we’re thrilled to unveil a game-changer in waste management tailored for New Zealand.

Our cutting-edge machine is engineered to tackle a spectrum of materials, from plastics and tires to nappies, soiled paper, and organic waste.

How does it work?

By employing advanced decomposition techniques, our system transforms just over 1 ton of mixed waste into a mere 30-40kg of non-toxic, 0 hydrocarbon based ash, slashing landfill volumes by over 90%.

But here’s the real magic: zero smoke, zero emissions. Unlike traditional incineration methods, our machine harnesses heated magnetization to break down waste without harm to the environment. Plus, it’s a power generator in its own right, utilizing the magnetic field-waste reaction to produce energy for hot water and even electricity, offering a sustainable solution with minimal ecological footprint.

Self-sufficiency is the name of the game. Once operational, our machine requires no external power source and emits no toxic substances, ensuring both efficiency and environmental responsibility.

But that’s not all. We’re convinced this technology isn’t just for conventional mixed waste; it’s a game-changer for agricultural and other challenging waste streams too. And with its compact design, placement options are limitless, ensuring versatility without compromise.

Curious to learn more? Dive into the PDF pamphlet below for an in-depth overview. And if you’re as excited as we are about the possibilities, let’s connect to explore how our machine can revolutionize your waste management strategy.

Thank you for considering Recycling Oceania as your partner in sustainable solutions. We eagerly await the opportunity to discuss the endless capabilities and benefits our machine brings to the table.

Downloadable pamphlet

Click HERE to download our pamphlet detailing the technology used in the Magnetic Powered Waste Decomposer and Energy Creation System (PDF format)


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